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Who We Are

Founded in 1988, Alkarmel Aviation is one of the leading privately owned aviation companies across the middle east. 

A remarkable business success story, Alkarmel Aviation started from one man’s vision to transform the face of air freight, chartering and other aviation services. It has since grown into one of Jordans’ and the region’s most respected and successful businesses…

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Travel & Tourism

ALKARMEL TOURS has been one of the leading tour operators and travel agencies in Jordan since 1988, providing airlines ticketing and a wide range of special tours programs such as health tours, sightseeing tours, relaxation tours and adventure tours. Our programs include combining Jordan with the Holy Land, Syria, Iraq, Dubai, Sharjah and Egypt …

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ALKARMEL AVIATION one of the leading cargo forwarding and cargo charter operators in Jordan, providing quality & express services, and representing several airlines as Cargo GSA (Lufthansa Charter Cargo, Air India, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, LOT Polish Airlines Cargo and Rus Aviation) … 

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Airlines (GSA)

Al-Karmel Travel & Tourism, Trading Co. Ltd. representing several airlines in Jordan as general sales agent (G.S.A.) for passengers and cargo, such as:

  • LOT Polish Airlines Cargo
  • Lufthansa Charter Cargo
  • Air India

Our Services

Alkarmel Aviation Services:

The charter and cargo operations arm of our company, and has since grown into one of the leading companies in the cargo and charter business in the Middle East., attracting worldwide cargo leading companies, such as DHL Express in Iraq, which has become one of its main clients, entrusting it with operating some of its flights both domestically and internationally.

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